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LTD Cartel



This is a demonstration store. You can purchase products like this from The Ski Chalet & Treasure Cove Scuba.

  • Ultralight Hammockstraps with Flex Sliders combine with the Heel Hammock highbacks for a responsive wrap and a cradle of complete suspension around your boots
  • Double Take buckles with Insta-Click increase torque per crank for faster uptake and fewer cranks to tighten
  • Re:Flex adds flex, feel, and cushioning in a package that's universally compatible with all major mounting systems
  • Canted Living Hinge zero-lean highbacks with Heel Hammock and DialFLAD forward lean adjuster
  • Single-component 45% short-glass/nylon composite Re:Flex baseplates
  • Re:Flex AutoCANT FullBED cushioning system
  • Compatible with all major mounting systems